Edit and Compare Two Android init.rc (on boot.img) with Ubuntu

I found something wich interestred on XDA Developers here. It is about porting some setting of ICS init.rc to another devices. Then i try to do something like that. Just open that pages and download init.rc from that thread on XDA Developer or  from here.

Btw i dont have over expectation to porting ICS. i just try to compare its init.rc with CM7  init.rc then learn it  hehe, i still just newbie  🙂

First wee need a software that can compare two text. In this article i used Diffuse. It is Open Source Software and can be downlaoded here. If you use Ubuntu just downolad it deb package. after download it install with gdebi or with

$ sudo dpkg -i its-package-name.deb

After it , we need to unpack a boot.img. To do that, lets see my previous article 🙂 . After you finish that lets edit init.rc. First Open Diffuse and it have two split workspace. So you can open two or three file and compare them. Lets open your init.rc and compare it with init.rc which you download it before. It will be like this:

Ok, just find      export BOOTCLASSPATH on your two init.rc

Then change your init.rc devices (not ICS which be downloaded) with this:

export BOOTCLASSPATH /system/framework/core.jar:/system/framework/core-junit.jar:/system/framework/bouncycastle.jar:/system/framework/ext.jar:/system/framework/framework.jar:/system/framework/android.policy.jar:/system/framework/services.jar:/system/framework/apache-xml.jar:/system/framework/filterfw.jar

(on one line, no enter)

Then find service netd /system/bin/netd

Then add this after that:

socket dnsproxyd stream 0660 root inet

After that save init.rc and lets recompile boot.img with DSIXDA ktichen. To do that, lets  see  this article 🙂

Note: CM7 on  Galaxy Mini init.rc already has “socket dnsproxyd stream 0660 root inet” . Thanks for TJ_Style

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