Repost : Using DSIXDA Kitchen to Customize Init.rc on boot.img

This is another post about how to use DSIXDA Kitchen. But in this article i give more picture to describe it and i am use DSIXDA kitchen-which can be downloaded here-to customize init.rc in boot.img.

I found something wich interestred on XDA Developers here. It is about porting some setting of ICS init.rc to another devices. Then i try to do something like that. First Open DSIXDA kitchen , locate terminal to DSIXDA Kitchen directory and call it :

$ ./menu

Then you will see like this:

Before choose a number, lets place ROM updater zip file on /dsixda-Android-Kitchen-879fa22/original_update/ . After that choose 1  to setup ROM.After that you will see like this:

to know how to use ROM with DSIXDA kitchen write "s"  andafter that press enter to continue and it will show available ROM like this: 

To select it choose 1 and then kitchen will ask working directory name, just rename it or not up to you. THen press Enter, it looks like this:

Then it will show option to convert to update script or not. On this article i used CM7 Galaxy Mini update zip. So it show that kitchen found an updater script and it ask "convert updater scipt to update script or not?" . Just choose not and write 2 and enter
Look at note on the picture about Option #2! After click enter it will be like this:

Just click enter and it will back on main page like firs picture in this article.
To edit boot image choose 0 (advanced options) :

Then choose 20 (tools for boot imsage)  and it will show like this:

To know its kernel adress choose "s". Then to extract boot.img (init.rc is in boot.img) choose "w" and it will show like this:

It show extract prosses and just click enter. OK boot.img extraaction was done. To edit init.rc and change it like this article (about ICS porting), lets see next article  :) ..
That tutorial originally post on XDA Developer here. I just try it on CM7 Galaxy Mini.

OK after you finish editing init.rc.  Go back to terminal and from main page choose 0 to anvanced mode then choose 20 (tools of boot image. After that it will show like this:

Then choose b for build or repack boot.img. Then it will be like this:

Then it will show proccess like this and just click enter:

after that go back to main page. Repacking boot.img was done. Then lets to build a custom ROM. Just choose 99 from main page and it will show like this:

After click enter it show change permissions and making update script. On bottom of picture it ask wich method you choose to rebuild ROM.
Just choose 1 and enter :

it will ask some questions:

1. will it zipalign?
if you use custom ROM like CM7 , dont zipalign it , just choose n for no, because CM7 already zipalign
2. will sign ROM?
Surely choose yes, to frlashing via Clock Work Mod recovery, everything must be signed.
3. will change its name? (it will change name?)
rename it everything
after that ckick enter and it will show "found OUTPUT_ZIP" folder so after is proccess finish just find it on OUTPUT_FOLDER on DSIXDA Kitchen directory :)
And this is the last part of its procces:

and Letsy enjoy that :)

#note : do with your own risk,
You must have ClockWorkMod recovery on your devices to ensure everything will be OK.
Because if flashing failed, if you have ClockWorkMod Recovery, your devices still alive :)

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