How to Create Android from gif with Ubuntu (or another Linux distros) can be createdfrom gif easily now with one tool. It can be downladed at Modaco forum here . If u dont have Modaco acount and lazy to register to it, it can be downloaded here . First install imagemagick on your Ubuntu or other distro that you use.

After that just extract that zip and see its contain like this:

First read README.txt.  It have , ball.gif and desc.txt. Desc.txt is a file in a which control bootanimation frame and resolution. So lets open it.

240×240 is for my devices, ldpi, 320×240, so if u have bigger, Just change 240×240 to your bootanimation  resolution.

After that look on ball.gif. You can change it with another gif. That is bootanimation source. After that just write on terminal

 $ ./

it will be like this :

And the result is :

And bootanimation was created.

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