How to enable A2sd Darktremor on Galaxy Mini CM7

After installing a2sd script on CM7 Galaxy Mini (on my latest post) , to move dalvik cache to sdcard (on ext partition) there are two ways to do it :

  1. with GUI with a2sd GUI 
  • after install that just open it and give it root permission..
  • to move dalvick cache to ext-partition just open dalvik tab, choose dalvik cache on SD-EXT option, then click move button, your phone will reboot and set that
  • to set Dalvik VM heap size , just write 12-32 on bottom left corner, then click set Dalvik VM button
  • (another picture)
  • to set zipalign just click set zipalgin on boot button, and to set swap just click swap button (yeah this is GUI way 😀  )
  • CLI way
Open adb shell or Android terminal emulator
# a2sd check  // to check configuration
# a2sd cachesd   // to move dalvik to ext-partition
# a2sd zipalign   // to set zipalign on boot
# a2sd reswap //to set swap on
for more command here
Enjoy that.. 🙂

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