How to Install Meego on Netbook/PC Dual Booting (or More) with Ubuntu




Meego is different from Android. We know that Android app have  *.apk format on other hand Meego use Redhat Package Manager (.rpm) and Meego have repository like another Linux distros. So Meego is “true” Linux and fully Open Source.

Ok dont waste time. Installing Meego is not different from installing other Linux distros. I have install Meego on my PC not netbook so you can try it on your computer because this is real Linux hihi 😉 . Before install Meego in computer, it is good to install this on virtualbox before to see Meego display and its features.

1. First Meego for Netbook can be downloaded from here .

2. Then lets rename thats  .img file to   .iso   .

3. Then wee need a DVD or flash drive to make a “Meego live DVD/USB installer” and we need Unetbootin too. Mmm.. and maybe coffee or tea will be needed to enjoy this hehe 🙂

4. Open Ubuntu or others Linux then open gparted to make new partition in your hard disk. After finish lets open Unetbootin, then choose  Meego .iso file and choose FD/DVD that will be used as a Live installer. you can and you can enjoy your coffee until it finish  🙂  .

5. When it finish lets restart computer and booting from Live DVD/USB.

6.  Then in Live DVD/FD choose install menu and you will see installation dialog wich is not different from  installation of other Linux distros. Choose installation language. Then in partition section choose “Create  custom layout” to manually partition. Then select partition which is formatted before (on step 4). Select it choose format it and make it for “/” .

Partition will be formatted on btrfs or ext format. What is btrfs? Here is btrfs . Then it will bee fill username password and enjoy loading bar and coffee/tea and after finish reboot to running Meego.
But others OS on computer will be hidden. Dont panic,  it just hidden, lets see step 7..

7. When Meego running it will be custom languange, keyboard,  timezone, and etc   then lets enjoy that.. 🙂

8. After enjoying Meego reboot / poweroff computer then insert Live CD Ubuntu and booting Live CD to restore Ubuntu grub and another OS on computer.
8. In Live CD First mount Ubuntu “/” partition with nautilus. See it location , maybe like this /media/location_ubuntu    . Then open terminal and type :
$ sudo grub-install  –root-directory=/media/location_ubuntu  /dev/sda
After it success
$ sudo reboot
And you will see Ubuntu grub but you wont see Meego. To see it lets see step 9..
9. After open Ubuntu (again) lets type on terminal
$ sudo updarte-grub
Meego will see like this “unknown Linux distribution” to fix that just type
$ sudo gedit /boot/grub/grub.cfg
In gedit find “unknown Linux distribution” and replace it with “Meego” or whatever what do you like 😉

And lets enjoy Meego… 🙂

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