How to Get “Kernel Base Adress” of an Android boot.img

Kernel base adress (on Android) is needed for repacking boot.img with
repacking boot.img tools after it was edited. In this article i am use Ubuntu konsole/terminal, but this will work on another Linux distros. I use a Samsung Galaxy Mini boot.img. Stock room 2.3.4 (XXKPI), Andro-ID V 3.0, CM7 RC0 and RC1 custom room for galaxy mini have 0x13600000 as their kernel base adress.

  • First create a script (example in folder which contain boot.img
  • Copy paste this script to


base_temp=`od -A n -h -j 34 -N 2 boot.img | sed 's/ //g'`



echo $base


make it write-able:

$ chmod 777


run it:
$ ./

After that look on terminal and for Galaxy Mini , its kernel base adress is 0x13600000 .

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